Delivering a combination of physical and emotional benefits, the Ready Steady Go Kids programme is designed to build confidence and self-esteem, providing a platform of knowledge and boosting school readiness skills.

Science-based foundation

Our programme was designed by a paediatric physiotherapist and occupational therapist. It aims to enhance children’s gross and fine motor skills, encourage their continued participation in sports and prepare them for the early school years.

Multi-sports programme

We teach 10 different sports which helps children develop a broad range of skills, builds a platform of sporting knowledge and the variety ensures continued interest in the programme.

Small class sizes

Class capacities range from 10-14 children and have a maximum of 1:7 coach to child ratio. This means more attention for your child and better learning outcomes.

Venues and Equipment

High quality venues / locations are utilized to ensure children’s safety. All equipment used in the Ready Steady Go Kids programme has been specifically designed and modified to ensure age appropriateness, reliability and safety.

Incorporating “soft-skills”

Our programme incorporates basic counting and colour concepts, encourages team work and sportsmanship, builds social skills and develops listening skills and concentration. All of which improves child’s preparation to perform better in school.

The “feel good factor”

Children develop greater self-confidence, enhanced self-esteem and a real sense of achievement, all of which shape their physiological well being.

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