Early Childhood Centres/Preschools

Ready Steady Go Kids is a proven leader in the development and delivery of sports and exercise for preschoolers. Our science-based program is a cost effective and hassle free way of incorporating a comprehensive sports and exercise component into your curriculum that will not only benefit your children but also differentiate your centre from others.


We make it easy by assigning qualified and reliable staff members to your centre, who have all been vetted to work with children. We also alleviate the need to purchase specialized, age-appropriate equipment as all of the equipment required for each session is supplied.


Our programme was not only designed to teach children important coordination and sporting skills but also fundamental life lessons. Like yours, our primary concern is to nurture the children we look after to become more confident, energetic, socialized and happy.


Because each centre has unique needs, Ready Steady Go Kids offers a range of flexible options. We will work with you to assess the specific requirements of your centre and will design a tailored package to meet your needs and budget.

To offer the Ready Steady Go Kids Programme at your childcare centre, kindergarten, or preschool please Contact Us and our representatives will be happy to help you.